Arash Rokni (Iran)

Ladies and Gentleman,

The scholarship helped me a lot, especially with my new master’s degree.
With this help, I could finance my livelihood more easily and concentrate better on the artistic goals.

My activities in the past academic year:

  • Lecturer for piano, minor subject, at the University of Music and Dance Cologne
  • Performance by F.Liszt Piano Concerto No.2 A major with the Philharmonic Orchestra Südwestfalen
  • Piano evenings in Leipzig and Cologne.
  • World premiere of works by young composers: i.a. Hovik Sardaryan at the Wolfgang Rihm Forum in Karlsruhe.
  • Specialization in the field of performance practice, especially with the help of Prof. Gerald Hambitzer and performance by J.S.Bach, Brandenburg Concerto No.5 D major BWV 1050 on harpsichord and a concert with lute and piano in the Catholic university community in Cologne.
  • Master intermediate exam with works by J.S.Bach and A.Schönberg, which was rated 1.0.
  • 4 concerts at Namedy Castle in July and August 2017
  • Piano recital in Heidelberg, Alte Aula with works by J.S.Bach,
  • A.Schönberg and R.Schumann on 10.08.2017
  • Piano and Chamber Music Masterclass with Prof.Claudio Martinez Mehner from 03.09 to 07.09 in Livorno, Italy.

Future plans:

  • A CD and video production with works by M.Reger, F.Busoni and Wolfgang Rihm.
  • Fortepiano Master studies with Prof. Gerald Hambitzer parallel to my piano studies.
  • Participation in the international Bach Competition in July 2018 in Leipzig.

I would like to thank the Fondation Clavarte.
Best regards

Arash Rokni